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These mindset episodes are personal stories and information shared in an interview format.

The Power of YOU! Discover your potential and purpose

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The Power of YOU! Our first mindset intensive workshop on ego vs. essence and The Trickster! GOLDEN nuggets! Be sure to listen to discover the power you have within.

You are...Precious. Priceless. Magnificent! 

 If you haven’t owned that truth about yourself yet, times up!  And it’s crucial that you do discover these truths because you are needed.

One of the key portals to knowing yourself and living out your purpose is to identify and design your life from your unique set of values! No one else can do that quite like you do, so it’s a compass for creating your life and making a rich contribution to the world.

Knowing what your values are means living in alignment with yourself and giving up trying to be everything for everybody.  Instead, you get to bring your offering and let that be enough. 

Perfect in fact!For a deeper dive into The Power of YOU! Check out Radical Leadership

Discover ALL the ways you can BREAK FREE (from having an eating disorder to developing a healthy relationship with food, body image, self-love and celebrating body diversity)

We live in the era of selfies and filters, plastic surgery, endless numbers of “gurus” telling us about all sorts of “diets”, the societal pressures of how to be a certain "size", feeling badly about how our body changes after having babies and countless ways for us to enhance our appearance which has all led to body dysmorphia, a complicated relationship with food, low self esteem and a negative impact on our body and self-image.

Meet Lindsey Antman, founder of Mind Body Kitchen. Listen in to Lindsey and learn about ALL the ways you can BREAK FREE and cultivate a peace of mind, celebrate body diversity, create freedom in the kitchen and choose self-love. Lindsey once struggled with the same issues MILLIONS of women suffer from. Her coaching style is inspired by a unique practice of Mind-Body Nutrition & Eating Psychology. No more diets, comparatitis, beating yourself up for over-indulging or how your body changes as we evolve and grow.

To connect with Lindsey directly, email her at Lindsey@mindbodykitchen.org and also check out her website at www.mindbodykitchen.org and book a free consultation!

It's a matter of BEING who you need to BE, in order to DO what you need to do...

Meet my friend Maria Lynn Page as we talk about the state of BEING and how it serves us in LIFE and business!

Maria has an incredible story and she shares how she went from being a stay-at-home mom of 5 kids, to newly divorced and how she turned her mess into her message and made the best of her circumstances to the powerful entrepreneur she is today!

Business nuggets at the end! Discover more about what Maria is up to at MindfulMarketing.group

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Your future is now.