Why Woman Disrupted?

Sofia's Journey

Sofia's story began in the arms of a single mother in a country thousands of miles away where women are anything but equal partners in a male dominant society. At the age of 11, she moved to the United States with her family to find her American dream which also came at a difficult price.

From abandonment by her father, living with a chronic lifelong illness to learning to find, accept and love her true identity, Sofia's story is about self-discovery through the shadows of our past and the rebirthing that we experience through traumatic and extremely difficult challenges we face that forever change us. Sofia is a Registered Nurse, author, speaker, and founder of Woman Disrupted.

Woman Disrupted

We are Woman Disrupted! In our community you will find an empowering space for women who want to get motivated and find solutions on how to turn their passions into purpose to create a profit. 

We are a group of boss babes committed to turn our adversities into blessings and our challenges into our calling! We focus on creating different streams of income in your zone of genius that creates MASSIVE IMPACT.

Women BREAKING FREE from the Everyday, Ordinary Routine.. and Conquering a New Way of Living Life!

  • Everyday there is a woman who is wanting MORE from life! 
  • She wants to break free from the boring routine she's been in for years, the same ol' way of living and thinking, and wants MORE!
  • She wants to learn MORE!
  • She wants to give MORE!
  • She wants to try MORE!
  • She wants to get MORE!
  • She wants to be MORE!
  • That woman may be you...

WOMAN DISRUPTED is for women who have the desire to MAKE change, drastically upgrade their current lifestyle, and help empower change in other woman as well.

Contact us for more info on how YOU can be a part of this kick butt group of women, and DISRUPT the mundane in YOUR LIFE! 

In our Community you will find: 

  • Motivational quotes, personal development, and mindset boost
  • Ideas and strategies on turning what you love to do into income with an impact
  • Opportunities to network, collaborate & connect with fellow business owners and community women